Monday, April 06, 2009

Another month.....another snow storm

We woke up this morning and snow was blowing across the windows. Laurence had a meeting in Guelph and he left with the car, but later he called and told me, that I better stay home. He had almost gone in the ditch and that with him being a very good driver. The roads had not been plowed and were awfull. So I have been home alone today and I got a lot of things done. The accountant will be here next week and I have some catching up to do in that department. And I squared most of the blocks I received for the next Relief Sale quilt Last week was busy. I was for 2 days in Toronto and had 2 very enjoyable workshops. As usual the lunches alone were enough to want to come back,. And yes, I drove in Toronto and with a few extra twists and turns I managed to make it in time for both the workshops. The next time it will not be quite as scary. Friday I picked up the rest of the blocks in Kitchener and almost all have been returned. And we started the work to change my web site. I hope we get it all arranged in the coming weeks. Also the refusal of Picasa to upload pictures to Blogger. It isn't fun to do this without being able to show pictures. Inside it is a little bit like spring. My begonias are growing almost too fast. The canna's, dahlias and Asiatic lilies are up. I have this problem almost every year. I cannot wait and than I have all these huge plants in the house, ready for transplanting and the weather is not suitable yet. Just got an email from Greenwood Quiltery in Guelph. I will be teaching a workshop there on Saturday, April 18th .It will be an introduction to Sashiko. There are a few spots open. If interested you can phone 1-866-364-2790 I have attached one picture. I just cannot give up.
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