Thursday, April 30, 2009


Saturday started out great. I managed to make it to the Regional Meeting of the Hort. Society for the first time. Learned a lot and had a good time. I even won the door prize, a beautiful planter. The sun was still shining when I came home. After a quick change I went to the field to see if I had to help Laurence, who had started to plant corn. He was sure it would rain soon. I came back home, ready to work in the garden. That did not happen. A short time later it got very dark, then a terrible wind came up. Soon after the rain started. Before long the hydro went off. A few minutes later, the beeper started up, letting me know there was an alarm situation in the barn. I couldn't get the car out of the garage, but did manage to start the very old chore truck. In the driving rain I did manage to get to the barn... where Laurence had everything under control. One less worry: I'm totally useless with equipment! By supper time, still no hydro. We went out for supper -- as did all our neighbours! It's a farmer thing: our barns had hydro, thanks to big diesel generators, but nothing at the house. The whole area was without power. Over 40 large poles had to be replaced. Sunday morning we got a small generator from the fellow who rents our farm house. He had power through one of the big generators, large enough to plug in the freezer and fridge and the coffee pot. By late Sunday evening power was restored. Everything was working....except the Internet. It was back to it's old tricks. This afternoon the technician came out and after a few hours he made everything work, but according to him it can be better, so he is coming back with a larger receiver for on top of the roof. This small wall hanging is an old workshop sample. I finished it and will give it to the guild to be used as a door prize. It was another try at getting better at machine quilting. The orchids are doing very well. This pansy orchid is finally blooming. I had no idea what the blooms would look like and it seemed to take forever for them to open up. All the plants for outside planting are in the garage to harden. It will be a few weeks yet before I can plant them. Quilt Canada in Saskatoon is coming closer and I have to get things organized.Posted by Picasa

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