Wednesday, April 08, 2009

A messy room

The picture on my last entry managed to get through after trying it for I don't know how many times. So let's be bold this time and try 2 pictures. It is way more fun, when you can show what you are doing. My sewing room is getting there, but I have to find place for few more items. At least my design wall is up, minus the grey flannel. I have not been able to find some. I did take the old pieces with me when we moved, but they are discolored and new pieces just would look better.I have been busy squaring the blocks I received for the paper cut quilt. I have not given it a name, so for now we will go by that. I have received almost all the blocks back and will get one more at the next guild meeting( over 70 in total). You see here the work of absolute beginners to very accomplished appliquers. And I'm very impressed. It might not stay this way. I have 10 extra blocks and 4 extra triangles, enough for a large wallhanging. You can see the fabric for the sashing and binding at the bottom. It will have a border( 5 pieces for each side plus 4 corner pieces) , but I will not cut those pieces till the center has been finished. Tomorrow my friend Carol will come to help me with the lay-out. An extra pair of eyes is always better. And if time allows we will start with the sewing. I have to show you my pride and joy. This cattleya orchid has been blooming for over a month. I got it from Jenny for mother's day last year. It had 1 flower, this time it has 5. It was fun to watch the new stem develop till it finally had the flowers.
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  1. It is going to be georgeous. the balis are the perfect choice.