Miscellaneous Quilts


made by Renske Helmuth, 2011
Dimensions: 40-1/2" x 40-1/2"
Techniques: Machine pieced, hand appliqué, hand embroidery, hand beading, machine quilted.

During a trip to my parent’s home in Friesland I discovered an old bag stuffed with ribbons my family had won with our Frisian horses. With this initial inspiration, my parents helped me collect vintage cottons, old laces, small mementoes -- and, of course, photographs of us and our horses.

It slowly and painstakingly came together over 5 years, and every inch holds a memory for me. I wish my parents could have lived to see it finished.

  • National Juried Show, London, ON: First in the Traditional Original category. 
  • On the front of the Catalogue for the show 

Frisian quilt 

made by Renske Helmuth, 2009
Dimensions: 65“x65”
Techniques: machine piecing, machine quilting.

Growing up, I did not realize that one of the largest quilt collections was housed in the Frisian Museum, just 17 km from where we lived.

As a matter of fact, I did not even know what a quilt was, until I came to Canada!

Inspiration for this quilt came from a 1790-1800 coverlet in the museum. I used a collection of reproduction chintzes from DE Haan and Wagemakers, Amsterdam for this quilt. Collection of smaller pieces.

Mariner's Compass 

made by Renske Helmuth, 2007-2008
Hand quilted by Salome Weber
Dimensions: 96” by 96” 
Techniques: machine piecing, paper piecing, hand appliqué hand quilting 

When our son got engaged I asked what kind of quilt I could make for him and his fiancée. They decided on a red and green mariner compass, but I was told that a simple 8 pointer would not do! That’s what you get, when your children grow up watching you make quilts. They get to know what all is possible.
I ended up making 9 blocks, each with 64 points using the paper piecing method. The quilt was finished before the wedding, and Shawn insisted it be hung in the tent on the farm where the reception was held.

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