Thursday, January 29, 2009

Internet....or lack of

No we have not been sick or been in Florida. After 5 weeks of all kinds of excuses the tech guys finally came out last Thursday to hook us up to the Internet , at least that's what we thought. By supper time it did not work, but they promised to be back later. Well later was Monday, after we told them we were concidering to take everything out. But we were told the new tower was not up to speed, but just wait. We did get some kind of action in the next day or so, but no email or more than a few websites. So this afternoon Laurence took the computer back to the farm. Less than 5 minutes after he phoned, telling me that everything was working there, we got a call. The tech guys had figured it out and everything worked fine. Now what to do. Take it all back or just say forget it and find somebody else. So here I'm again sitting in a cold house, Next time I have more pictures. Last week I taught the first 2 workshops for the guild ( to make the next quilt for the Mennonite Relief Sale). I had 21 and 15 in the class. 2 more workshops on Friday and Saturday, each with about 15. I have to say that the enthousiasm is fantastic.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Postcard Quilt.......delivered

Finally the post card quilt is gone. I took it Friday to Waterloo. It will go to our guild meeting on Wednesday and then it will go the quilt Committee for the Mennonite Relief Sale. Picture taking has been set up. Next time I will show a few of the individual cards. I always love to start on a new project, but I'm also very glad ,when I can take it out of here. Now it is time to think of the next one. The first workshops are scheduled for the coming week. I know, that this is a few days late, but there were reasons. The weather has been very snowy and very,very cold. And since the computer is still on the farm, it is a chore to do this, since we keep the house fairly cold. It will have to change soon. The house has been rented out, so we have to be out of here. The past week was the "farmer's meetings" week for Laurence. He was gone every day with the car. Since I did not relish the thought of getting stuck here with the truck and having to walk home, I just did not bother. But this afternoon he decided to take his snowmobile out for a spin ,so here I am Now it is my week to be gone. First for a trunkshow and a workshop at the Niagara Guild That means ,that I get to stay overnight at Jenny's She even will go with me that evening, the first time a family member will hear me speak. You might wonder about a label. That is coming, but I was asked to keep that of, till after the official pictures are taken of both sides.And you know me and writing anything....... unless I have to it won't happen. I have been busy making a few baby quilts. Or let's say quilts meant for babies. Both aredifferent and do not have the normal baby colors. They are ready for machine quilting.
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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

New year and new project

I'm getting ready for another quilt for the Mennonite Relief Sale. Next week I will show a picture of the fully finished post card quilt that will be sold this year. I need to do the final inspection yet. Now the new project. It will have blocks with paper cut outs. For the background I found a perfect cream colored fabric, 108 inches wide. The washing and drying were very easy, but how to iron the huge piece of fabric. With the help of hubby I got it folded up. By using the ironing board and my big table it did not go too bad. So one step completed. I found the idea I was looking for in one of Elly Sienkiewics books "Papercuts and Plenty" The actual blocks and border will be different ,but I'm looking for this lay-out. I have about 65 guild members signed up in 4 workshops , so I have to have enough kits for each. So far so good. 66 packets are ready. For the patterns, there is a choice. They get one from me, or they can design their own, as long as I have a look at it, to be sure it will fit in with the rest. There are extra blocks, just in case some don't work out. If they are all returned there should also be enough for a small wall hanging. The background is a mottled cream colored regular cotton, but all the other fabrics are batiks. I find that this is easier for needle turn applique. I'm still sitting here in the cold. Still no high speed Internet in the new place. Either it is lack of parts or too busy. In a way it is not too bad. If the weather is not too bad I can walk with the dog over here and since Laurence is here often to work in the shop, he can take us back again.
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