Wednesday, January 07, 2009

New year and new project

I'm getting ready for another quilt for the Mennonite Relief Sale. Next week I will show a picture of the fully finished post card quilt that will be sold this year. I need to do the final inspection yet. Now the new project. It will have blocks with paper cut outs. For the background I found a perfect cream colored fabric, 108 inches wide. The washing and drying were very easy, but how to iron the huge piece of fabric. With the help of hubby I got it folded up. By using the ironing board and my big table it did not go too bad. So one step completed. I found the idea I was looking for in one of Elly Sienkiewics books "Papercuts and Plenty" The actual blocks and border will be different ,but I'm looking for this lay-out. I have about 65 guild members signed up in 4 workshops , so I have to have enough kits for each. So far so good. 66 packets are ready. For the patterns, there is a choice. They get one from me, or they can design their own, as long as I have a look at it, to be sure it will fit in with the rest. There are extra blocks, just in case some don't work out. If they are all returned there should also be enough for a small wall hanging. The background is a mottled cream colored regular cotton, but all the other fabrics are batiks. I find that this is easier for needle turn applique. I'm still sitting here in the cold. Still no high speed Internet in the new place. Either it is lack of parts or too busy. In a way it is not too bad. If the weather is not too bad I can walk with the dog over here and since Laurence is here often to work in the shop, he can take us back again.
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