Thursday, January 29, 2009

Internet....or lack of

No we have not been sick or been in Florida. After 5 weeks of all kinds of excuses the tech guys finally came out last Thursday to hook us up to the Internet , at least that's what we thought. By supper time it did not work, but they promised to be back later. Well later was Monday, after we told them we were concidering to take everything out. But we were told the new tower was not up to speed, but just wait. We did get some kind of action in the next day or so, but no email or more than a few websites. So this afternoon Laurence took the computer back to the farm. Less than 5 minutes after he phoned, telling me that everything was working there, we got a call. The tech guys had figured it out and everything worked fine. Now what to do. Take it all back or just say forget it and find somebody else. So here I'm again sitting in a cold house, Next time I have more pictures. Last week I taught the first 2 workshops for the guild ( to make the next quilt for the Mennonite Relief Sale). I had 21 and 15 in the class. 2 more workshops on Friday and Saturday, each with about 15. I have to say that the enthousiasm is fantastic.

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