Friday, January 17, 2014

Wellington County Musum

Well, let's try again. Last fall I had trouble uploading pictures. Finally I got fed up and quit. Then live got busy and before you know it, it's another year. Today I tried again to upload pictures and again no success. Next time better. But I have some news. From tomorrow on I will have about 30 quilts in a gallery at the Wellington County Museum. It all came up very fast, but it worked out. I had a look yesterday and I was very pleased. I also took pictures, but they will have to wait till next time. Where: Wellington County Museum, located between Elora and Fergus. When: Tomorrow, January 18th till June 1st. For Directions and times you can go to: Wednesday was our first guild meeting. It was also the day the blocks for the African quilt were due, I cam home with 32 blocks and will get 3 more today and 2 more will be waiting for me next time I'm at the museum. They turned out wonderful. Pictures will follow as soon as possible.