About Me

renskeanddad_brightened_smlr I was born in Friesland, in the north of Holland on a dairy farm (at left, a picture of my father and I, in native costume!). After high school, I went to teacher's college for 5 years, where – among other things – I had to study Home Economics. We were given extensive instruction in needlework, knitting, and crocheting.

I also took special classes in art and art history, which would enable me to teach at a high school level. After teaching in a small rural school for two years, I immigrated to Canada.

inlawsdairyfarmIn 1972, I married and moved to Moorefield (in Ontario, Canada), and in 1975 we took over my in-law's dairy farm. My mother-in-law taught me to piece quilts, and over the years I pieced several. But it was not until I learned about appliqué quilts that I discovered my true passion.

In 1994, I took a 10-month class from Rosemary Makhan and I have never looked back!

first applicationMy first appliquéd quilt (left) was a traditional Baltimore album. Since that time I have made traditional as well as more modern pieces. I enjoy working with shaded, wired ribbon and experimenting with different flower shapes. My interest in gardening and flowers has served me well!

Over the years I have taught many classes, first in wheat-weaving and now in appliqué -- something I thoroughly enjoy.