Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New plan

Summer is on the way and things are growing fast. We have had enough rain and some heat and the flowerbeds are a riot of color. This small iris I bought on sale last year and this was the first flower. I love the color. This climbing rose did well last year. The year before I cut it all back in the fall and it took a year to get over my mistake. Last fall I did nothing and just cut back the dead branches this spring and there are lots of blooms already. I took most of my orchids outside and put them in the gazebo,, where they can get light but are out of the sun. Not sure this will work, but I hope it will. The blooming ones are still inside, including this one. This is the fourth time it blooms and I love the color. But now something else. Before I went on my trip to the Ottawa area I had some trouble with my forearms. I did not think much of it, but by the time I came back the pain was worse. Now I'm told it is tendonitis and I have to take it easy till the pain is gone. Now how do you take it easy at this time of the year? All of Laurence's siblings and family will come here at the beginning of August for grandma's 90th birthday and I like to have the place look kind of decent. My plan is to take care of the house and gardens as well as I can and let the quilting part go for a while till my arms feel better. But I did come up with a plan. When putting my quilts back on the bed, where they are stored I realized that for most of them I do not even have a picture, especially the older ones. And to my shame I have to admit, that unless the quilt went to a show, no labels either! On Friday my camera will return and I will start taking pictures of all my quilts. Each week I will high light one with a short story. And I will continue to talk about anything worthwhile that happens around here.
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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Home again

It has been 2 weeks since my latest update and a lot has happened. I was gone for 9 days, teaching 5 workshops and giving a trunk show. First up was Perth. I had been there before, teaching a 2 day workshop with orchids.This year the plan was for me to go and see the showy lady slippers at the Purdon Conservation Area, but I was too early. Instead my host Heather took me to the garden of a friend, where we found these 2 yellow lady slippers and this jack-in-the-pulpit. We have these in our bush, but I don't think it is the same kind. These were bigger. After a few wonderful days it was of to Ottawa for 2 one day workshops and a trunk show. My host Lois drove me all over Ottawa one evening to show me all the important places. Monday was my day of ( at least till the trunkshow in the evening ) and Ann, very graciously offered to go with me to the Museum of Civilization. Lois had shown me how to drive there from her place, but to be honest I chickened out. Just don't like city driving. I loved the museum. I only saw a small part and will have to go back. Tuesday morning I had a beautiful drive to Renfrew. I missed all the rain and hard wind on my travels. The next 2 days were very hot and I was impressed with the hard work, that the ladies put in with all the hot air coming in. My host Susan is also a member of the guild in Pembroke. This guild just happen to have their year end meeting, with a catered supper the first evening I was there and what a great evening it was! I stayed at a beautiful place out near Eganville with lots of colorful flowerbeds. That made me think that I better get home and clean my flowerbeds. From there it was the best to drive home through Algonquin Park. Friends of ours live near the park. I decided to stop in just to say hi. Doris was on her way out to a lunch/lecture. She wanted me to come along, but all the tickets had been sold. It just so happened, that when she phoned one became available, so it was of to Haliburton. I still had a long way to go and made it home at 8 in the evening. Laurence had been very busy and most of the planting was done. While I had not seen any rain during my trip, they had regular thunderstorms here. I think that is the reason that my potted plants looked so well when I came home. And yes, there were lots of weeds. Now after a week home things are back to normal. The very bare fridge has been restocked, the weeds are gone and the books are up to date. These are all the pictures I took. The last one I took at the church in Perth, where somebody grows the most amazing irisses in all colors. No more pictures till me camera comes back from Scotland. I hope to have time to get some applique done by next week. As I look out the window I notice that the lawn could do with a haircut again.
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