Thursday, June 16, 2011

Home again

It has been 2 weeks since my latest update and a lot has happened. I was gone for 9 days, teaching 5 workshops and giving a trunk show. First up was Perth. I had been there before, teaching a 2 day workshop with orchids.This year the plan was for me to go and see the showy lady slippers at the Purdon Conservation Area, but I was too early. Instead my host Heather took me to the garden of a friend, where we found these 2 yellow lady slippers and this jack-in-the-pulpit. We have these in our bush, but I don't think it is the same kind. These were bigger. After a few wonderful days it was of to Ottawa for 2 one day workshops and a trunk show. My host Lois drove me all over Ottawa one evening to show me all the important places. Monday was my day of ( at least till the trunkshow in the evening ) and Ann, very graciously offered to go with me to the Museum of Civilization. Lois had shown me how to drive there from her place, but to be honest I chickened out. Just don't like city driving. I loved the museum. I only saw a small part and will have to go back. Tuesday morning I had a beautiful drive to Renfrew. I missed all the rain and hard wind on my travels. The next 2 days were very hot and I was impressed with the hard work, that the ladies put in with all the hot air coming in. My host Susan is also a member of the guild in Pembroke. This guild just happen to have their year end meeting, with a catered supper the first evening I was there and what a great evening it was! I stayed at a beautiful place out near Eganville with lots of colorful flowerbeds. That made me think that I better get home and clean my flowerbeds. From there it was the best to drive home through Algonquin Park. Friends of ours live near the park. I decided to stop in just to say hi. Doris was on her way out to a lunch/lecture. She wanted me to come along, but all the tickets had been sold. It just so happened, that when she phoned one became available, so it was of to Haliburton. I still had a long way to go and made it home at 8 in the evening. Laurence had been very busy and most of the planting was done. While I had not seen any rain during my trip, they had regular thunderstorms here. I think that is the reason that my potted plants looked so well when I came home. And yes, there were lots of weeds. Now after a week home things are back to normal. The very bare fridge has been restocked, the weeds are gone and the books are up to date. These are all the pictures I took. The last one I took at the church in Perth, where somebody grows the most amazing irisses in all colors. No more pictures till me camera comes back from Scotland. I hope to have time to get some applique done by next week. As I look out the window I notice that the lawn could do with a haircut again.
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