Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A great week for quilts!

This is a little early, but tomorrow morning I will be on my way to the Ottawa area for a trunk show and workshops. This was the trip I had planned last year, but had to cancel due to surgery. It looks like my departure here from the farm means a change of weather. The rain has stopped and we have sunny, hot days. Laurence is busy in the fields and I feel a little guilty for leaving him with all the work. Last week was THE big quilt week for me. On Wednesday,while at the National show in the afternoon I was shown a catalogue and there, right on the front was my quilt!On Wednesday evening we had the award ceremony for the National Juried show and my quilt Memories got first in the original traditional category, what made me very happy. This quilt had been a longtime project and it will be one of a kind. On Saturday was the 45th Mennonite Relief Sale in New Hamburg. We went over on Friday evening, since Laurence had other things to do on Saturday. The quilts can all be seen that evening. They hang over metal frames and are all covered with plastic. On the left is our quilt Plain and Fancy, which was the feature quilt this year. Saturday the quilt auction starts at 8.30. I went early to meet some of the Dutch quilters ,who had the quilt show in Ailsa Craig. Not all could make it, some had a booth to attend to and others had to teach. But if you want to see quilt being sold...this is the place to be. On the first picture of the sale you can see the quilts hanging on the frames on the right. On the left they are still working on making strawberry pies. Strawberries are flown in from California , cleaned, washed ans hulled and used to make pies. The line-up is long and well over a 1000 are sold each year. In the second picture everything has been cleaned up already.Our quilt was the feature this year and sold as number 150. And I'm very happy to tell you that it brought up the top price of the day at $9000. In total the quilts brought up about $120.000. Saturday evening I had an invitation to the banquet held in honor of the Dutch quilters in Ailsa Craig and it was lovely . Some of the food was as I can remember from home, some was Canadian, but it all was delicious. The last days I spend getting ready for my workshops. The kids have moved out. The moving truck came yesterday and they are in their own place. Even Abner, the basset, is gone, so it is very quiet around here today. Will be back late next week.
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    Congratulations Renske! What an accomplishment to win an award.
    A student!