Friday, May 20, 2011

Rain, rain go away

With over 8 inches of rain in just over a week we are not amused! Today was a gorgeous day, but at the back of the house it was too wet to mow the lawn. And it looks like by the time things have dried out, we can expect more rain. We have all our corn in the ground and here and there it is coming up. But all the soybeans are still in the bags. By now Laurence has everything fixed, oiled, greased and whatever else has to be done and he is running out of jobs. Maybe I can get him to do some garden work. At least I can try. But I forgot,tomorrow there is a large auction close by with lots of old John Deere tractors. Nothing can compete with that! I was asked for instructions for the small kimono and as I made this one I wrote down all the steps. But in the end I did not have the right measurements, so I have to try again. The outline of the rabbit I found on the Internet. Since it is the year of the rabbit I used it to make a card for a friend. This time I did some sashiko stitching. The edges have not been finished. I want to use a green thread and there is not enough left. But it is on my ever getting longer list of things to look for at next weeks merchant├Ęs mall at Quilt Canada in London. I hope to go on Wednesday ( with the way the weather looks I should not have any difficulties!) This is what I do when I am bored in the evening. I get some scraps out and make cards. They come in handy as gifts.The top one has a small piece of vintage silk fabric and I did some sashiko on the right. The bottom one has sashiko at the top and some very old shibori at the bottom. I love the little tulips. One more to go. Below is a picture of my first orchid. I bought it about 8 years ago and I knew nothing about them. All I knew is, that I loved the orchids I had seen in California and I had to have one. It bloomed faithfully for a few years and then it started to look tough, so tough that by the time we were moving 2 winters ago I left it on the farm in an unheated kitchen. A few months later the leaves were still green. I took it home,it deserved a second chance. And here we are. The flowers are huge and a beautiful color. The leaves are better, but still nothing to brag about. In a few days I will meet the Dutch Quilters, who have arrived in Ailsa Craig. I will give a trunk show on Sunday afternoon, in Dutch. At least I will try. When I speak to my family in Holland it is always in Frisian and my Dutch is very rusty. I will have lots of news next time around.Posted by Picasa

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