Thursday, January 26, 2006

For the birds

Yesterday I tried to post these pictures and whatever I tried, the camera and dock did not work. One more try this morning and it worked fine.The flying cranes are paper cut-outs with all the pieces numbered. I will make another copy and as I applique,I will cut out each number and the "hole" will be used as a guide for the piece that has to be appliqued. The blue jay is one of the birds of my new bird quilt. It is about 7 inches tall. The 30 inch by 36 inch wall hanging came back from the quilters and I hope to have it ready for some shows this year.Why I did not quilt it? I have a lot of problems with my back and shoulders, so I can spend a limited amount of time on this kind of work. Since I love applique I decided to specialize in that and get the hand quilting done. Not a perfect solution, but it is the best I can come up with.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Be careful what you wish for

No pictures today. I have some problems with my camera and I will need help before I can post some more pictures. Two weeks ago I wished that the rain would go away and that we would get more snow. Last night and this morning my wish came true, but not the way I wanted it. This was the day I had a workshop for my guild with 20 people signed up. Last night the hydro was of for over 2 hours, always a bad sign. This morning the wind was howling around the house. When my husband came back from doing chores in a barn up the road he mentioned that the visability was very bad, so I made the decision to cancel, the first time I have had to do that. Later in the day the winds quieted down. I did make it to the workshop on Saturday. The roads were icy, but as long as you took the time, it was fine. I think that we had a good day. I did get things done at home. I drew 6 flying cranes around the top of the quilt, each with about 65 to 80 pieces. One larger standing crane will be in the right bottom corner and 3 more small ones, standing in water, will be around the border at the bottom.If I get one done a week I might finish it by the end of April.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

why now

After complaining about the lack of snow, things changed yesterday. In the morning enough snow came dow to make things difficult. And just on the day I was scheduled to give 2 trunk shows for my own guild! I left early and made it in lots of time. The afternoon was well attended despite the weather. Supper in between the meetings was great. There were less people in the evening. When everythings was packed back in the car, I phoned home. When I was told that " it was not too bad at times" I decided to stay overnight in town.I'm not as adventurous as I used to be. This morning the drive was much easier, although I did see one car upside down in the ditch. The hall where our guild has the meetings has 2 levels with a railing in between. This works very well for displaying quilts. It is not often that I get to see most of my quilts all at the same time. Now I have to get ready for 2 workshops, one Saturday and one next Wednesday. It looks like the weather will co-operate at least for the next few days. I'm still trying to get some machine quilting in, but I cannot see much improvement.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Getting ready

Not a good day. First of all, this is Ontario, Canada in January. We are used to having lots of snow, not the rain we have right now. The snowmobile is sitting in the shed, all ready with no place to go. A visit to the dentist did not help either. But I did manage to finish most of the left side of my wall hanging. The plans I had for the rest do not seem right anymore, so it is back to paper and pencil. But I have to get ready for my first trunkshow of this year and it will be right at my own guild. This will be different. Usually hardly anybody knows you, this time I have known a lot of members for a long time. I became a member of the Waterloo County Quilters Guild ( about 10 years ago. I had made a few quilts,including my first album quilt, but only knew of one quilt store and knew no other quilters, except my mother-in-law. I had never heard of a guild.It took a while to get in, because at that time there was a waiting list. It well certainly was worth the wait. My eyes opened when I saw all the beautiful quilts. I was so scared that I kept my quilt, my first Album quilt in a pillow case under my chair. I did show it after some prodding. Joining the guild was one of the best things I have done. Interesting speakers, an amazing show and tell and lots of friendly people. And I received a lot of encouragement. If it would not have been for some of my guild friends, I would never have entered my quilts nationally or all the way to Houston. And ....if I ask for advise I will get it. So next Wednesday it will be to Waterloo for a trunkshow in the afternoon and one in the evening. Then 3 workshops in the following weeks, all for the guild.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Work in progress

This week I have been busy with machine quilting and applique. The one goes better than the other. Every morning I try and do some machine work, but my shoulders and back are complaining mightily. The machine is set up just right, I have lots of light, maybe the chair is not right.I'm working on 24 inch blocks with a different design in each corner. Once the blocks are done,they will be sewn together.So I will struggle onwards! The applique is going much better. For now the applique in the center of my crane quilt is finished. Maybe when it comes all together it will need some more. Right now I'm working on the left side. It will be bamboo. The stalks are done with sashiko and now I have to applique the leaves. In case you wonder what the white circles in the top are, they will be reverse appliqued with the same fabric as in the center and then over top of that I will applique flying cranes in different poses. I have not decided what to do on the other sides yet, but I have some ideas.