Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Be careful what you wish for

No pictures today. I have some problems with my camera and I will need help before I can post some more pictures. Two weeks ago I wished that the rain would go away and that we would get more snow. Last night and this morning my wish came true, but not the way I wanted it. This was the day I had a workshop for my guild with 20 people signed up. Last night the hydro was of for over 2 hours, always a bad sign. This morning the wind was howling around the house. When my husband came back from doing chores in a barn up the road he mentioned that the visability was very bad, so I made the decision to cancel, the first time I have had to do that. Later in the day the winds quieted down. I did make it to the workshop on Saturday. The roads were icy, but as long as you took the time, it was fine. I think that we had a good day. I did get things done at home. I drew 6 flying cranes around the top of the quilt, each with about 65 to 80 pieces. One larger standing crane will be in the right bottom corner and 3 more small ones, standing in water, will be around the border at the bottom.If I get one done a week I might finish it by the end of April.

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