Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Getting ready

Not a good day. First of all, this is Ontario, Canada in January. We are used to having lots of snow, not the rain we have right now. The snowmobile is sitting in the shed, all ready with no place to go. A visit to the dentist did not help either. But I did manage to finish most of the left side of my wall hanging. The plans I had for the rest do not seem right anymore, so it is back to paper and pencil. But I have to get ready for my first trunkshow of this year and it will be right at my own guild. This will be different. Usually hardly anybody knows you, this time I have known a lot of members for a long time. I became a member of the Waterloo County Quilters Guild ( about 10 years ago. I had made a few quilts,including my first album quilt, but only knew of one quilt store and knew no other quilters, except my mother-in-law. I had never heard of a guild.It took a while to get in, because at that time there was a waiting list. It well certainly was worth the wait. My eyes opened when I saw all the beautiful quilts. I was so scared that I kept my quilt, my first Album quilt in a pillow case under my chair. I did show it after some prodding. Joining the guild was one of the best things I have done. Interesting speakers, an amazing show and tell and lots of friendly people. And I received a lot of encouragement. If it would not have been for some of my guild friends, I would never have entered my quilts nationally or all the way to Houston. And ....if I ask for advise I will get it. So next Wednesday it will be to Waterloo for a trunkshow in the afternoon and one in the evening. Then 3 workshops in the following weeks, all for the guild.

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  1. hi renske, thanks for coming out on such a snowy wintery night to the guild meetings. I am always inspired by your work, and loved hearing you speak about your quilting journey..