Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Work in progress

This week I have been busy with machine quilting and applique. The one goes better than the other. Every morning I try and do some machine work, but my shoulders and back are complaining mightily. The machine is set up just right, I have lots of light, maybe the chair is not right.I'm working on 24 inch blocks with a different design in each corner. Once the blocks are done,they will be sewn together.So I will struggle onwards! The applique is going much better. For now the applique in the center of my crane quilt is finished. Maybe when it comes all together it will need some more. Right now I'm working on the left side. It will be bamboo. The stalks are done with sashiko and now I have to applique the leaves. In case you wonder what the white circles in the top are, they will be reverse appliqued with the same fabric as in the center and then over top of that I will applique flying cranes in different poses. I have not decided what to do on the other sides yet, but I have some ideas.

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