Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Sewing machine

Today I bit the bullet and bought another sewing machine. All my life I have had problems with my back and more recently my shoulders. Hand quilting is not possible anymore and hand applique very hard at times. I have done some machine quilting over the last few years. That also is not easy, but by spacing myself I do manage. Though I love my sewing machine, a Husquevarna, I find that there is not enough room for machine quilting. After some research I decided to buy a Janome 6500, which has 9 inches of room from needle to machine. It is still in the box. Tomorrow I will take the Christmas tree down,( a little early this year), clean the room and install the machine right in front of a window. Than the trick will be to find out how much I can do without getting into trouble. I have enough practice tops ready to last me a long time. I also have to get back to my hand applique!

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  1. Renske...your work is beautiful! I'm on the Janome 6500 list, and found your blog that way, so added it to my "regulars" list. I had the 6500, a loaner from Janome America (long story, but I get to work with them...lucky me!), and they just upgraded me to a 6600. I hope you will love your machine as much as I love mine!

    I used to be a US diplomat, and my first assignment was at the US Consulate General in Toronto, so I know Ontario a bit. My favorite place of all was the McMichael collection and Kleinburg. Where are you in Ontario? Maybe I will know it?

    Can't wait to see what you do with the cranes...the quilt is looking fantastic! And those many many many quilts on the railing in the photo...please tell me those aren't all yours? So many!

    Cheers, Sarah Smith in Camden, Maine