Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Last minute

Two days ago I found out, that we will have en extra guest for Christmas. I decided to make a pillow from things I had on hand. The weather is snowy and stormy, so I rather not drive into town. I found a 6 inch square with a crane done in sashiko, left over from another project.Also found Japanese fabric with cranes on it. To set it of I used a strip of dark blue and finished with another patterned Japanese piece. I hope she will like it. This will be it till Christmas time. We will have guests overnight, so that means that I have to move the quilts from the guest bed to a table in my sewing room. I store all my larger quilts on the bed, so they will not get creases. Works well, except when guests arrive. After the holidays I will go back to my "crane" quilt. The center is almost ready and will be put in an oval shape. What I will do after that I have not decided yet, but there will be more cranes, bamboo and cherry blossoms, maybe some koi.


  1. Well, I know *I* would think this pillow a very very special gift! It's beautiful, as is the magnificent crane you are working on.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Susan Pakula12:47 PM

    Your crane is beautiful. I am curious to know what he is looking at. Or is it a she? I will enjoy seeing how the whole composition evolves. Thank you for sharing.