Monday, September 30, 2013

Another project finished

 I have been back from St. John's NFL for over a week now.
But there will not be any pictures till after Thanksgiving. I took Jeanette's small camera and I need her to get the pictures on my computer.
My trunk show went o.k I think. It is different when you do not have a vehicle available. I'm used to filling the SUV up. This time it all had to go in a carry-on and a suitcase with some room left for clothes.
We did not do as much as we wanted to. Jonas did not feel well and by Thursday evening we took him to the Emergency department of the Children's Hospital. He had the croup and was a sick little boy. But we were impreseed with the care he got there. We were instructed to take him outside in the cold as much as possble on Friday and since that was a cool day, it worked our o.k. We walked and walked and walked some more, up and down the streets.By Saturday he felt much better, but I could feel the back of my legs!. So after 2 visits I still have not seen as much as I would have liked. I guess I will have to go back!Last Tuesday I was in Kincardine guild. This was the frist time I taught my sashiko sampler workshop. I had 15 very eager ladies and I had a very enjoyable time. AS you can see in the picture they worked hard.
This afternoon I finished putting the binding on the baby quilt. It was getting time, since the baby can arrive anytime now.
It all worked out well, but machine quilting is still hard on my back and shoulders.
Next project is getting ready for the African themed quilt project for the Mennonite Relief Sale.
I have around 30 ladies from our guild  signed up to come to my place for one of the 3 days
I have set aside.
I don't call it workshops. They can look over all the supplies I have, take what they need, look through my magazines and books and I will help them with whatever they ask me.
I will take pictures as we go.
Last week the weather was great. Laurence combined the white(or navy) beans and has started the soybeans.
Tomorrow he plans to plant winterwheat till the beans are again dry enough to combine. Yes, we did get some rain  last night, just enough to have to stop harvesting..
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Thursday, September 12, 2013


It is that time of the year again.
When we go to Elmira we can see glads for sale  along the road, all the way from one lonely left over in a big pail to a fancy wagon with a large variety.
These pails are always overflowing, but only with a single color.

Not so at this stand in Dorking, my favorite place.
On one of my stops I met the girls, who look after this wagon and they told me, that they have 11/2 acres with gladioli and they figure, that they have about 20.000 flowers.
On a sunny Saturday they will come out every hour with more flowers. I have never stopped there without somebody else being there. And yes, they sell for 3 for a $1. So for $3 you have a beautiful bouquet.
Now I realize, that cutting the flowers is only a small part of the process. The bulbs have to be dug up, cleaned, stored and then in the spring planted again. It is not as if there is no work involved.
 The last few weeks I have been busy with other things, so the quilting was put aside.
Right now I'm trying to machine quilt this baby quilt.
Only the border to go!
These 2 quilt tops have been fun to make and are easy to do.
But the rest will have to wait a little longer.
Next week I will be in St. Johns New Foundland, where I will give a trunk show for the Cabot guild on Tuesday evening.
I'm busy trying to figure out what to take along. I'm used to filling up the car, but that will not work. I'll start with my personal things I cannot do without like some clothes. The rest will be filled up with quilts till I reach the maximum weight.
Then on Tuesday, September 24th I will give a workshop at the Kincardine Sunset Quilters Guild. I will be teaching the Sashiko Sampler.
Yesterday I heard, that the workshop is full with a waiting list.

That will be it for teaching this fall.
I'm in the process of starting another project for a future quilt for the Mennonite Relief Sale and that will take my time for the coming months.
We have had a few very hot days. On Tuesday we were at the Canadian Outdoor Farm Show and it was hot. Too hot for me, so we came home early in the afternoon. But today it is cooler and I will have to spend some time in the flower beds.
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