Wednesday, December 14, 2005

greenery day

I did get my landscape finished. I will not quilt it, so it will fit in my portfolio with the other ones. This way it is easier to take to workshops and trunk shows. I only used, beside the sky fabric, 5 fabrics , not including the small pieces for the roofs. These I found in a bag with scraps, that I received from my friend Melissa. There were 3 snips, just enough. Today was our yearly "greenery day" A few days ago I went around the farm and collected pine, cedar, boxwood and whatever else I could find. My husband was kind enough to clean up the ( heated) workshop.Today my friend Carol came over and we made Christmas designs with no worry about making a mess.All we have to do after we are done,is get a broom and sweep the mess into the loader of the tractor! I like to make as many designs as I can and most will be given away. This year I even got an order from my son!

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  1. Anonymous2:38 PM

    Dat binne kreaze Kryststikjes