Saturday, May 14, 2011

Weeds....and me

I hate twitch grass! As soon as the flower beds start to look nice I can see the shoots coming up. And I have learned over the years, that ignoring it just makes it worse. So the last few days have been spend pulling as many weeds as I could find. I feel like I'm ahead of the game, if only for a short time. We have been very busy outside. The corn has all been planted and as soon as we have a sunny day again we will start with the soybeans and then later the white beans. The daffodils look great this year. I bought 200 bulbs 11/2 years ago and this year they put on quite a show. My plan is to get another 100 this fall.
This morning bright and early I went to Moorefield, where we had the spring sale of our horticultural society. I brought some plants, but came home with more. There are a few empty spots that I can fill up. From now on I just have to stay away from anything to do with garden plants. The beds are full and really I do not need any more work. But it is so much fun!
Quilt related projects will have to wait for some rainy days. But the busy time for shows is coming up, starting tomorrow. In the afternoon is the official opening of the Grand National Show. And then the week after we will have Quilt Canada in Londond ( I took my entry for the National Juried Show in a few days ago) And the Quilt show in Ailsa cRaig with the Dutch quilters. I will be giving a trunk show next Sunday afternoon for the Dutch quilters. That means that it has to be done in Dutch and it has been a while!
I'm getting ready for my trip out east in the beginning of June. More about that later.
My last entry was a while ago, but we had some problems with the computer, lost hydro for most of a day and with Shawn around access is difficult in the evenings.
But by next Thursday ( guild is on Wednesday) I should have lost of quiltery things to show you

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