Thursday, February 05, 2009

Internet....but no pictures

We finally got Internet yesterday. We phoned another company and in one day later they were here. Since then I have been trying to get pictures on here, but nop success. So this time it will have to be without pictures. Christine wondered how the Postcard quilt came to be, so I will try and answer . This is the 5th quilt I have organized for the Mennonite Relief Sale in New Hamburg. And they all started the same. Something pops up in my mind. Next the question: is it possible to do. The project will have to be for a big group with different skill levels, from beginners to very advanced. Once I think ti over for a long time, I bring it up at a guild meeting. I explainb my idea and ask for interest. If enough members show an interest I will proceed. With the Post card quilt I set up 2 workshops, where I taught making 4 by 6 inch fabric post cards. Everybody interested took an instruction sheet home. They had to make a 4 by 6 inch fabric postcard.It had to show something that MCC (Mennonite Central Committee) is involved with. I received over 80 cards. I took them in to the local office and from there they went to the head office in Pensylvania. From there the staff distributed the cards to volunterrs all over the world. Their instructions were to write a short note on the back, put a stmap on and pop it in the mailbox. We received just over 5o back. During this time I pieced the center of the quilt in the trip-around-the-world pattern. Over that I appliqued the world map, showing where volunteers lived. Next step was to take it to my friend Carol, who hand quilted it. Once the cards were back I sewed them around the center. Next came another strip of piecing with mariner compasses. The final step was the hand quilting of the border. Quilts like this take a long time from idea to finished quilt. Usually I try to get one together every 3 years and they usally end up being the feature quilt, as the Post card quilt will be this year. Next time more pictures


  1. Renske, glad to see you have Internet at home again, hopefully warmer at home there.

  2. A very good explanation. Thank you.

    What do you suppose happened to the missing 30 post cards?