Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Papercuts... and more

Last week my friend Carol came and together we finished the quilt top. I think all but one block came back to me. One was only half-finished, but with reason: the lady broke her wrist and just could not do the rest. That's dedication for you! I'm very pleased with the result. When I showed it to Jenny, she remarked that I had to buy this one for her, when it is auctioned off. She likes this one the best of all of them. I told her that, if she likes it that well, she better start saving. She has a few years. I will take the quilt top with me to Quilt Canada in Saskatoon and then in the fall it will be quilted. I still have enough blocks left to make a large wall hanging with 9 blocks in the center and some triangles in the border. I'm still figuring that one out. Yesterday I had some friends come up to help me with my PowerPoint presentation for Quilt Canada. They made it look soooo easy. I'm waiting for a few more pictures and then I can strike that off my list also. I will be talking about the quilts I have coordinated for the Mennonite Relief Sale in New Hamburg over the years. I hope I can make it interesting. Last week we had some gorgeous days and I spend part of my time in the flowerbeds, deciding what grew where. Some plants I have figured out; for other areas, I have to wait a little longer. But then the weather changed. The last few days have been wet and cold. I love pansies and always buy a tray. I planted most of them in pots and they have not been very happy, especially last evening.You can see the hail in the pot. It did not last long, but the deck was covered with large hail stones. Better weather is predicted for the coming days. I need that. The office here is starting to look like a greenhouse. Callas Cannas, begonias and dahlias have to go out....and soon.
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