Thursday, April 16, 2009

Goodbye to the Postcard Quilt

What a glorious day it was. Time to be out in the garden. This year will be different for me. After 34 years in one place I knew all the plants and their locations. Since we moved last year, early in the winter ,I have no idea what plants are here. All I know that there are about 24 big sedums in the front of the flowerbed and they have to go. A few is o.k. but this is too many. I did dig a few perenials up at the farm. I cannot leave grandma's extra early peonies now, can I! Last Monday was the annual Relief Sale dinner at Bingeman Park in Kitchener. Everything is donated from the hall, food, preparing the food, serving the meal and washing the dishes. Ticket sales and donations usually make up enough to cover the expenses for the relief sale, so 100% of the money made at the sale will go to MCC Other years there are about 26 large quilts hanging around the hall, but this year it was in another building and no quilts could be hung. As the feature quilt for this year, the Postcard Quilt hung on a frame, coming into the hall with 2 more beautiful quilts hanging behind. This year there was no poster. This size did not look right. Instead there were mugs and cards. They did make a special poster for me, so I can hang it with the others. And it was a good bye. During the sale I will be teaching in Saskatoon. Now we look forward to the next project. Next week I hope to show you the finished top. Yesterday was guild meeting and I had a long list of things to do. My powerpoint presentation is coming along, thanks to the work of my friends. I think I have most of the information I will need. Another stop was the greenhouse. I needed my flat of pansies. By now most are either in the garden or in pots in the front of the house. My lilies are doing too well. I should have started them a month later. The biggest are about 18 inches tall and ready to topple over. And it is too early to plant them. For now they have been banned to the back of the garage.

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  1. make sure you tell us how much the postcard quilt sells for. Have fun at QC.