Sunday, March 29, 2009

Back again

I keep adding pictures, but I'm unable to put them on this blog. I'm thinking about re-doing the whole website. But anyway I'm back from my trip to Perth. I left Tuesday with beautiful weather and it was an easy trip. For the second part I just put the car in cruise control and told it to stay in between the lines, well almost that easy. 420km later I was there. The trunkshow went well and I had a very enjoyable 2 day workshop. We started with the orchids. That brought the topic to orchids. And as usal you find out all kinds of things. I knew that there are white lady slippers in the wild up in Bruce County. Last year I found out, when I was on Manitoulin Island, that they have yellow lady slippers there. This time I found out, that in the 1930th somebody planted Showy lady slippers ( white with a pink lip) in a swampy area near Perth. This is now a conservation area and in the spring you can find up to 16.000 orchids in bloom. What a sight that would be!!! The trip home had a few detours. That just meant, that I saw some more of the country side. And I had to stop at the That Bead Lady store in Newmarket. I did come out with a few more things for my crazy quilting workshop. Then on Saturday it was our yearly trip to Jeanette's with the truck. We also had to bring the chainsaw, since a few small trees had to be removed. Once all that work was done, the guys went to the landfill site and the 2 of us went to the Cloud Orchid Greenhouses. They are only open one week-end each month and since this was the week-end I could not let it pass. I did buy a good size lady slipper and a few smaller plants, 2 close to blooming. But this will have to be the end. Even with my big windows I cannot handle more. We have had some nice days and I have been potting up some calla's, dahlia's and canna's.There are lots of shrubs and greenery, but not many flowering plants around here. Tomorrow I will have to get ready for my next trip to the Cock-A-Doodle store in Toronto. I will be teaching there on Wednesday and Thursday. Crazy quilting and small landscape.

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