Thursday, March 05, 2009

Not there yet

It seems that at times you cannot win. That is the case with our Internet. On Friday the technician came out again, climbed on the roof in cold and windy conditions. Our "barbeque" grill was broken. Once that was replaced it seemed to work. At least on my laptop. The other computer still was of most of the time. We were told that we are at the end range of 3 different towers, but they are working on upgrades! Yesterday we had local computer fellow come out. He made it work in the house on both computers, but the only thing not working right now is Blogger. I cannot get pictures loaded from Picassa 3 to Blogger. Must have tried it half a dozen times. So this is again without pictures, but that too will come. I just need some more help. Should be packing for my trunkshow tonight for the Halton Guild in Burlington. Then a second day of my Lady Slipper workshop on Saturday at Greenwood in Guelph. And we heard this morning, that the cupboards for my quilt room will be installed next Thursday. Then the electrician and I can move everything in its place. Will show some pictures as soon as I can figure things out.

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