Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring is in the air

It has been too long and I cannot even blame the Internet. It has been working well, almost as fast as it was on the farm. But I have had a nasty case of the stomach flue and have been sick for over a week. This is the first day I'm feeling like doing anything again. I did loose some wheight, but there must be easier ways. I have lots of pictures to show, but Picasa will not let me upload them to Blogger. I must have tried 20 times. It is clear I need some more help. While I was sick the cabinets in the quilt room were installed .I could not get interested till this week. They look very good and will hold a lot of "stuff" Next on the list was the installation of the lights. A call to our electrician brought same day service. So now I have lights, a design wall (minus the grey flannel as of yet) and storage! It will take me some time to go through all my boxes before I move them. This is a good time to see what deserves a move or what I can do without. Tomorrow is guild meeting and again it will be a long day. The blocks for the Relief Sale quilt are due, so I need to go to both meetings. I also want to look for the grey flannel and something suitable for the sashing for this quilt. Then Thursday I have to get cracking and get my things organized for next week. On Tuesday I will be driving to Perth (at least 6 hours from here) for a trunkshow and a 2 day workshop. Im looking forward to it now, but still I am glad I have another week to recuperate. The last few days have been spring like. There are 2 things I miss at our new place. There are no birds at the bird feeders. We have one bird, a resident hawk....enough said. And there are no spring flowers here. On the farm I have planted all kinds of spring bulbs over the years and I will be doing that here in the fall. But my orchids make up for it. My cattleya has 5 huge flowers and other plants are showing flower stalks. I will keep on trying to get this picture thing workinbg

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