Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Boys .....and their toys

The first guests have arrived. Little Abner here came all the way from Calgary and seemed to have enjoyed his first plane ride. He will be here on and of for the next 2 weeks. He must be one of the easiest dogs to keep. Yesterday the tent went up, so last night we had to have a look. It should hold about 300 people for the reception on Saturday evening. A lot of decorating will be done yet.
On to the toys. Both the bride and groom's families are farmers.It seems like every time there is a "farm" wedding there are pictures of the couple and wedding party with big tractors, combines or whatever. The bride made it a point, that this would not happen at her wedding.
But when the guys found out, that there was some extra room under the tent, the word " tractor" came up. Now you have to realize, that a farmer often is attracted to one color of tractor be it red, green or yellow.
The bride's family has "RED" equipment. For Shawn that would not do since we are "GREEN and YELLOW" people.

So this morning one of our antique tractors was hauled out of the shed. It needed to be washed and waxed, a job my brother was willing to tackle. He came all the way from Holland for a wedding and here he is put to work!!!Tomorrow The tractor will be loaded on a trailer and trucked to the tent.
Right now it is not too busy here, but that will change by tomorrow. By Friday we will have 7 extra people and 2 extra dogs, so it will be a busy place. But it all will work out. The weather promises to be great, warm and sunny. Tonight there is a shower for Shawn and Emily at church and the wedding rehearsal is tomorrow evening.

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