Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Back to normal

It is back to the two of us. The newlyweds came back late on Thursday and left, with the dog, on Friday. I had a scare on Thursday evening. I had tied the dog up outside, but when I looked out the window the rope was there, but without a dog attached. Since these dogs(bassett hounds) are known to follow a scent and forget where they came from, I just knew he was gone. But luck was with me. He had eaten all our dog's food and was playing on the front lawn. Boy was I glad. Now he is back home on the ranch in Alberta. When I asked Shawn if they wanted something for the guests to sign at the wedding,they decided on a big pillow. I made this top with 1/2 inch strips.In the center is a picture of the couple taken 2 days before the wedding. That is just temporary. As soon as I get a good wedding picture I will print it on a piece of fabric and finish the pillow. Not all the spots were filled. I wanted every person to have a spot, but most couples put their names in one. I do think that just about everyone signed. On Saturday morning we left for a few days for the cottage of friends. On the way I made Laurence stop at the quilt store in Cookstown. I needed fabric for the binding of a quilt and I had not been able to find it. I have run into that problem before. The quilts for the relief sale usually take over a year or more from start to finish and go through all kinds of changes and in this case I had used all the fabric for the double strips in the center. But luck was with me. I found the fabric and this collection of John Deere fabric on sale. It will make a nice quilt for some farm boy, young or old.
Yesterday I found this moth all tangled up in a window of the shed. I carefully took it outside where it slowly took of after a few minutes. It was huge( see my finger) but not in good condition. I have never seen one before and do not know the name.
Today I finally had some time to start a new piece. I like to make 2 new workshops, one with shaded wired ribbon and another one with orchids surrounded by sashiko. It is always good to have some handwork going.
The weather has been good. Right now it is hot and our corn is getting taller by the day. A few more days and we not be able to see the road anymore. We will be surrounded by tall corn till at least October.

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  1. olga malott12:51 PM

    Renske the moth you found is a cecropia. They are huge and my grandaughter loves them because they have "eyes" on their wings.