Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Anything floral

It does not happen often, or let's say almost never, that we get a delivery from the flower shop here on the farm, but on Monday,before 8 in the morning, this arrangement was delivered . It was a thank-you from Shawn and Emily. It was a very nice gesture. It has some long lasting flowers,including orchids, so we should be able to enjoy it for some time. We have had a lot of rain during the last weeks and everything is very lush. No brown grass this year. And keep the lawnmower handy!! This year I planted scarlet runner beans on each side of the old seed drill and you can see them grow bigger daily. Next year I will try perennial sweet peas.
I love begonias and keep the bulbs from year to year. These are some of the smaller bulbs that keep on blooming.
Now to some blooms inside. In a few weeks we have to attend a wedding and I know, that the prefered gift is money. So I made this card to hold the bills. The back ground is hand made paper from Ten Thousand Villages. I bought a big sheet and used most of it for last years Christmas cards.This small piece was left. The center is hand dyed. The rose is made with shaded wired ribbon. The leaves I have had for years and never found a use for them. The narrow ribbon is held in place with beads.
Next week I should have at least 2 projects finished. It all depends on the weather.
The wheat harvest has started. Yesterday was a beautiful day and a lot of combining got done, but this morning it was back to showers. As I look out the window I can see the sun. Let's hope we get a few nice days.

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