Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mount Forest Quilt Show

The Four Corners Quilters Guild in Mount Forest, is 10 years old and they had their second quilt show last week. I had given 2 trunkshows ( one was in April in a snow storm with a very small group present). After that I taught 2 workshops. Last month the president Betty phoned to let me know, that they had 20 finished small landscapes and they liked to do something special. She came by last week to pick up 3 of my wall hangings, the milk can that goes with the farm quilt and the matching picture. I went over on Thursday evening and it was a lovely show. It is not often that you see so many projects finished after a workshop. There were also 2 pansy quilts. The show was very well organized and hung. I love the smaller shows. That way I can pay better attention to the quilts. At a big show I loose track after the first 100. Here are Doreen's pansies. She framed hers behind glass.
What a novel way to frame a landscape. This one is by June. She folded fabric and tacked the corners.
Quite a few were framed behind glass.This is Audry's winter wonderland
A wooden frame also adds to it. This one is also by a June.
All in all a very succesfull show.
What a difference a week can make. Last week we were wanting some rain and oh boy, did we get rain. Almost every day it is coming down. The combine is ready to start in the wheat, but that will not happen this week anymore. And yes, the corn in front of the house must be 10 feet tall. We cannot see the mailbox anymore.
This morning I took the Postcard quilt ( must get a better name!Any ideas?) to church. I needed 3 large tables to be able to square it. It was a big job, but with some help it came all together and the quilt is ready for the binding and sleeve.Then only a few smaller details and I can ship it of to the Relief Sale Committee. Always a good feeling to get it done.
My new workshop is ready to get quilted .And yesterday I got a brain wave for a new 2 day one. Again with orchids and sashiko, but a completely different design. This time it will be 4 different lady slippers.
And finally a thank you to Olga, who let me know that the moth in last week blog is a cecropia. I hope to see more and then in better shape.

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