Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wedding day

Saturday was the big day and what a glorious day it was. The weather was perfect, not to hot and not too cold. As usual there was a lot of confusion to get everything ready in time. I got back from the hair dresser in time to have our pictures taken on the bride's parent's farm. Everything worked out great. The biggest problem later was that the pillow for the ring bearer was forgotten. A quick turn around by the bridesmaids to retrieve it,took care of that. After a beautiful church service we moved to the farm, where a great meal was waiting for us Here are the newlyweds in front of the white fence, surrounded by canola fields. These were specially seeded for this occasion and bloomed just the right time. The mother of the bride had pictures taken at her wedding in front of a white fence, so to keep with the tradition this white fence was put up. Later pictures were taken right at sunset.
The tent was beautifully decorated with trees and flowers.
Shawn had told me, that he wanted their quilt in the tent, so we put it up early in the morning. I had a plastic sheet along, but that was not needed.
Once it was dark there were fireworks, a surprise for most of us. The couple left soon after for their honeymoon. This afternoon they returned for a short visit. Tomorrow afternoon we will bring them to the airport in Kitchener from were they will fly back to Calgary.
We had a busy time here at home. All the people got along fine, but the 3 dogs decided that they did not really like each other, so we had to watch them.
Slowly during the week, our company left and now it is only us and Abner. He will depart tomorrow.

And this is about as energetic as we all feel here at Lauren Farms.Tony and my brother Wiebren took lots of pictures, but they did things with this computer I have not been able to figure out, so I hope to have more pictures next time.

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  1. It looks as if a wonderful time was had by all. The quilt is so beautiful.
    I love the sleepy dog photo.