Thursday, June 26, 2008

Getting so close.....

The wedding is just over 1 week away and things are starting to get busy. It looks as if we will have 7 guests and 2 guest dogs. How that last one will work out with our dog will be interesting. The first ones, my brother and his wife from Holland will be here Saturday. Mowing lawn gives me lots of time for thinking and it dawned on my ,that my big purse would not do for the wedding. I made this small purse with stuff I had at home. It does not show the colors well. In reality it is much darker.
Two days ago there was a phone call. There will be a ring bearer, but there was no pillow and if I could make "something simple" My friend Lois to the rescue. She had a small pillow form, a piece of cream dupioni silk, cord the make piping ( I chickened out and did without) and 2 buttons that I could cover.
The bridesmaids will wear brown ,so it had to be cream and brown. By last night it looked like the picture above.

By supper time today it looked like this. There will be a button in the center with brown ribbon to tie the rings to. This was all stuff I had around. But it did nothing for my cleaned up room. All my boxes with embellishments, ribbons and beads are all over and this will have to be cleaned up before long. I have been busy cooking and most of the food for next week is ready. The reception will be in a big tent on the bride's parents farm, so there will be lots of things to do before the big day. So I might not be back till after the big day, but I will have pictures then

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