Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Once upon a time

Once upon a time there was a little girl, who loved to help her mother in the garden. Whatever had to be done,be it seeding, weeding or watering she was up for the challenge. As she grew older, that slowly changed and she had more important things on her mind. Then when she went to university and started to work in a garden centre for the summer, she let me know ,that gardening definitely was NOT her thing.
Now let's go forward 10 years. This little girl is all grown up and married. She lives with her husband in a house with both a front and a back yard. And in a few years they have been able to change a piece of lawn into a beautiful garden.
Now she is loves gardening again and it shows. And that is not all. How come her orchids are blooming better than mine? Despite her lack of care as she claims?
On the home front things are getting done. The garage doors have been painted.
The next thing on my long list, the installation of stones around one of the flowerbeds was completed today, thanks to the local CO-OP. It's not what you think. I had muddled around putting a few stones in their place each day, as many as my old back let me do. But this afternoon hubby had some extra time. He needed more fertilizer and he had to wait for the delivery. I must have been a sorry sight and he wondered if I needed some help. With him digging and me putting the stones in the right place we finished before supper. The clean-up will have to wait till tomorrow.
After a visit by our accountant in the morning, it will be of to the last guild meeting for the year.

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