Thursday, May 01, 2008

Finishing projects

Blogger has made life hard for me the last few days. Either the pictures won't load up or everything disappears. So I will give it another try.
Yesterday morning I got a call, that he Mariner Compass quilt was ready for pick-up. Somebody had to go for parts to Elmira anyway, so I picked it up right away. And I'm very pleased. The quilting is very well done. All it needs is a binding. I managed to buy a piece of red batik, what matches and that will be used for piping. Then the binding will be green. I have never tried piping, but I did get a tool and I will give it a try. I have some time, because the wedding is not till the beginning of July, but it is a large quilt so the hand stitching alone will take some time.
The postcard quilt is all together. It was a tour de force to get it this far, but the worst is behind me. The next step is the marking of the border. Once ready I will take it to my friend Carol's place and she will do the quilting with the help of some guild members. It is not done by any means, but it is getting there. It cannot be folded, so today I will pick up a carpet roll at the local flooring store. It will be wrapped with plastic and then a piece of muslin. This way it is much easier to transport.
When I grew up in the north of Holland it was a sport to go out early in the spring to try and find the first "kievit's egg. The first in the country would be presented to the queen, the second to the provincial official etc. We loved to go out with our long pole. We needed that to jump over the ditches in between the fields. Often we came home soaking wet and guaranteed without eggs. I never did find even one. Till last week.
On Friday I went to the bush to look for flowers. It was a little early for that, but on my way home through an old cornfield I looked down and there it was, not even a foot from my boot. A little hollow with 4 killdeer eggs. Finally I had found my eggs and I did not even have to use my pole to jump the ditches!

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  1. Both the Mariners compass and the postcard quilt are works of art. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing the photos. I read your blog every week. Deb