Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Somewhere in my travels I bought the Piping Hot Binding Tool. I never needed to use it,but it always hung in the same spot. Finally, last week, I took it down to read the instructions. I did read them carefully and then the bag disappeared. Nowhere to be found, so the likely culprit was our visitor for the week, Bernie, the Bernese Mountain dog. But looking in her eyes I changed my mind. She could not have! But I wanted to use it, but where to find another one?I started to phone the local quilt stores, but nobody had it.
Then I remembered where I had bought it. A quick look on the computer gave me a phone number and I was in business. The lady has a business out of her home and she just happened to have one more of these tools. And she lives in Guelph. And better yet, I had to take the dog back to the rightfull owners that day and would drive right through town. So I was back in business. I made the piping, what was a breeze. And this morning I took the quilt to church. I used 4 large tables to lay it flat and the squaring of the quilt was done in no time. This afternoon I sewed the piping on first and now I'm working on the binding.
And I have to say, that it is easier than I expected. The handwork will take some time, because it is a large quilt. And I have no worries about it not being ready for the wedding. A good feeling!The second set of socks is finished. They fit me just right. But who ordered these colors?
And the lost still has not been found.

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