Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Spring colors

One year, when Jeanette worked in a garden centre, she came home with a small crab apple tree for mother's day. For the next few years it grew and bloomed. As the years passed it continued to grow, but quit blooming. So last year I got tough and trimmed about halve of the branches. And would't you know...... right now it blooms profusely and has thousands of pale pink flowers. That with the yellow, red and mauve tulips and multi colored pansies makes for a cheery look outside. 2 sides of the mariner compass quilt have the binding sewn on. I never got used to using a thimbel and with the piping and the binding on this quilt I find it very tough going. My fingers turned raw and started to bleed, what is not good with a quilt with white pieces. I folded it up and put it away for a few days. My goal is still to finish it before our guild meeting next week.
Instead I worked on my block for our guild challenge. We received the 2 fabrics on the left and were told to make a 12 inch block with a 2 inch border out of the dark fabric. The back had to be a dark flannel and it should be hand or machine quilted. We were not to cut it to size. That would be done later. I like this block so well, that I'm thinking of using something similar for a new quilt for the guest room.
But first I will be gone for a few days. The car is packed and tomorrow morning I will drive to Tobermory and take the ferry to Manitoulin Island. Tomorrow evening I will give a trunkshow for the guild and then on Friday a workshop. Saturday I will be home again.
Now I just hope I will not get sea sick. I always worry about that since I was deadly ill during a crossing from Hoek van Holland to Dover in my younger days.

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