Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Getting ready

Only 4 more days and I will be on my way to St. John's, New Foundland. All my teaching things are ready, but I discovered, that a carry-on with the maximum of 22 pounds only holds part of it. By the time I found this out, it was too late to send it away, but I'am lucky again. I will be traveling with 4 friends from our guild and one of the girls had decided to go without carry-on and she has gracefully offered to take my second one. Another lesson learned. Blast-of time will be 5 a.m on Sunday. Laurence will drive me to Waterloo, where I will be meeting the others. I'm busy getting meals ready for hubby. Here out in the country it is not quite as easy to go to town for a meal. Usually that also means a general clean-up and that all takes too much time, so home made meals it will be.The weather has not been the greatest, very windy and cold. We even had some frost last night, but most of my plants survived. When I did some weeding last night I found this young robbin following me. I quickly got my camera, but by that time it was not interested anymore and hopped/flew away. I did get some quilt related work done. The sashiko on this piece I did last year as a practice piece. And it sat in the corner till I decided I needed some practice in machine quilting. Finished putting the binding on today. Another one, similar, but with sashiko cranes will be next.
It is only a little over 5 weeks till the wdding of our son, so there will be no big projects till after the big day.
I will be away all of next week, so it will be close to 2 weeks before I will be back. But by then I sould have lots of news and pictures to share.

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