Thursday, May 22, 2008

Back home again

Last week I spend a few days on Manitoulin Island. To get there was fun. First a sunny drive to Tobermory and then on the ferry. The Chi Chemaun has 2 levels and I ended up on the top. It was a little nerve wrecking to drive up the ramp. twice as bad to drive down, but everything went well. The first person I met on the boat was a member of my guild, who was born on the island and who has still a lot of family there. And...I found out, that I would be staying at her cousin's place. It's a small world. Would this not make a beautiful landscape. This lighthouse is on Flowerpot Island, well known for its orchids. It was a little early for that yet. Next year I'm invited back to the guild and then I will go when the ochids on the island are in bloom,we hope.
The trunkshow and workshop went very well and I had a great time staying at Vivian.

She showed me around the island and that's where I found this lighthouse. All in all a very enjoyable time.
Now it is back to getting ready for my trip to St. John's for Quilt Canada. All 3 of my workshops are full and that means making 60 kits. I'm almost ready. I will travel with 4 other members of my guild, and each promised to take some of my "stuff" along,m so I did not have to send anything ahead. Yesterday was guild meeting. I picked up the quilted postcard quilt and was able to show that one. The finishing will have to wait till after the wedding. I also took along the Mariner Compass quilt. I finally got the binding sewn down. For some reason it was very hard on my fingers. Might have to do with the piping. There was more fabric you had to sew through. Outside it is cold. My annuals are still in their little pots in the garage. But better weather is in the forecast. In the meantime I enjoy my orchids inside.

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