Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A little of this.....

It has been a beautiful week and Laurence is busy planting corn. This is the earliest he has ever done this. Here we are only a few weeks since the snow is gone and I hear muttering about needing rain already. The daffodils are in full bloom and the tulips are up. And winter is forgotten. I have been busy putting the borders on the postcard quilt and it is going better than I expected. The 2 short sides are finished. As you can see I need a large area. The cards are stif, so most of the quilt has to lay flat, while I sew.
I also found out, that 6 inches for one does not seem to be the same as for another. The bottom row of cards was uneven and I finally got brave and cut a small piece of some of the cards and now it looks much better.I hope to be done by the end of the week. Yesterday I was in town and next week I can pick up a large carpet roll at the local flooring center. That will be the only way to transport it.
On Sunday we were invited to Jenny's inlaws to join them for dinner and a visit to the Chinese Orchid Show in Toronto. I have never seen so many orchids in so many shapes and forms. I wish I had taken my "good" camera. And of course there was a merchant's mall. And here it was the same as at a quilt show. Lots of people making lots of purchases. We could not be left behind and came home with some "special"( at least for me) ones. Now I hope that they will grow.
Monday evening was the annual dinner for the Mennonite Relief Sale. Everything for the evening has been donated, from the hall, kitchen to the food. That all for over 700 people. The ticket sales and further donations are used for the expenses for the relief sale. Every dollar made at the sale is turned over to the Mennonite Central Comittee. As usual there were about 30 bedsize quilts hanging around the hall. The top one is the feature quilt for this year. An 80 year old lady embroidered this one and it was hand quilted by her church.
This one was made by children in Sunday School, put together and quilted by members of the church.
The postcard quilt will be at the sale next year. So I do have some time, but it is always nice to get it done way early, so it can be displayed at different places.

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