Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Guild meeting

Lately it takes me a whole day to go to our 2 hour guild meeting in the afternoon.This morning I left at 8.30 and did most of my running around before the meeting at 1.30. The rest was done after and I made it home in time to have supper on the table at the regular time. Now that spring is here that is very important.. Hubby is out in the fields as we speak with spring planting just around the corner he claims. And this is what the car looked like. Pansies to pot up for a gift this coming week-end. A big bag of citric acid for the chickens and groceries for us.
Behind the seat the sewing machine, that I had taken in because it made "weird noises". ( it just needed some adjustments), a bag with the orchid quilt, more fabric I needed for the post card quilt and copies to be used in workshops. The rest is on the front seat.
Florence did a very good job in hand quilting the orchid quilt. Part of the quilting was done in sashiko, just as with the crane quilt. I'm very pleased with the result. The binding will have to wait for a while. I'm also planning to put some piping on. Right now I want to finish the postcard quilt far enough to get the rest quilted.
The last few days have been very nice and now I can see all the damage that has been done over the winter. The bunnies have been very busy and eaten a lot of things. Our dog just did not do her job this winter.
Daily new plants pop up. This one, I think called a frittilaria, grows every day by inches.
Now that the weather is nice, it is very hard for me the stay inside and work on quilts. I need to set myself a time line and try to stick to it.

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