Thursday, February 01, 2007

More fabric

Yesterday we packed up the cat and the dog and deliverd them back home to our daughter and son-in-law. The cat had made herself at home right away, with the dog it took longer. But now I miss them. It is mighty quiet. But both were glad to be back home again, the owners as well as their pets.
This picture shows some of the old laces I picked up in Friesland. The 3 pieces at the top are very finely crocheted and are at the bottom part of a small cap. Most of the other pieces belong to the bigger cap that goes over the gold part ( for those interested google "oorijzer" or "floddermuts") both Dutch words. This bottom part is a 1 meter long strip, that is washed, starched heavily and than put into a cripper to make "wavy" Once set, it is sewn back to a top part.
Some of these pieces had been stashed away for a long time and were almost brown.
I noticed that my sister-in-law in Friesland put some of these laces in simmering water on the stove. I wanted to be sure, that any left-over starch would be gone, so I did the same thing and it worked very well. I did not want it to get very white, but a creamy color and it worked just dandy. Now I'm working on my first crazy quilt block. More on that next week.
Jeanette had found a quilt store in Hawai and found out that Hawaian quilting is very interesting. She bought books and lots of fabric. I was told, that the books are for me to look at, since she wants to make her own quilt, but she gave me lots of beautiful fabric to keep.
Another project. At times I have a feeling, that I have enough projects to keep me buzy for the rest of my life.

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