Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Go west, young man

It was not that long ago, that I complained ( just a little) about a green Christmas. Well, winter has come with snow squalls, very hard winds and very low temperatures. For a few days more roads were closed, that open. And right in the middle of this, our son decided to move to Alberta, over 3000 kilometers from here. He was planning to move in the midle of April, but he got a promising job and was asked to come as soon as posslible. So tomorrow is blast-of time. I'm glad that 2 0f his friends have decided to come with him for the ride. All 3 of them are used to the big trucks and big equipment, so I wonder how it will work with these 3 tall guys in a Jimmy, pulling a U-Haul trailer. It will be quite different for us. Shawn moved to the house on our farm next door about 10 years ago, far enough not to be in each others hair, but close enough be able to help each other. I don't know how many evenings the big truck would come in the lane, just when supper was put on the table. But he has been a big help for us over the years and we will miss having him close.
Not much I can say. I was only 23 when I emigrated by myself to Canada, never giving it much thought about what my parents though of it all. Though the first years were hard at times I have never regretted making this move. So I hope that it will all work out for Shawn in Alberta.
Back to some quilting. Another hour and the binding will be on the crane quilt. Since I'm planning to put it in some shows I will keep it under wraps for the time being.
These pictures are of the first block of my next crazy quilt. In the center you can see a picture of my father in late thirties. The patterned fabric is from a reproduction line of Dutch fabric used in the different costumes. The wider laces I found on my trip to Friesland. The narrow ones and the old sigarette silks are from my friend Janet in England.
The sewing is done, now all the embroidery yet.

I will be teaching crazy quilting this coming Saturday at

Greenwood Quiltery in Guelph.
275 Woolwich Street
tel 519-822-2790


  1. Love your CQ blocks! I wish I live closer I would take your class. I really need to learn how to CQ. I want to use olf family photos as the middle in my February Journal quilt.

  2. Great picture in the center of that pretty CQ block.