Thursday, February 22, 2007

More postcards

Yesterday was guild meeting and it was good to see so many friends again. I had missed the last meeting, because of illness. As usual there was a big show-and-tell and the program was very interesting. This time I had to stay for both the afternoon and the evening, because it was time to collect all the postcards for our next Relief Sale Quilt. This will be the 5th quilt I coordinate for the Mennonite Relief Sale in New Hamburg with the help of members of the Waterloo County Quilters Guild and the Listowel Mennonite Church.

The first step this time was the making of postcards. Each card must portray something of the work that MCC is involved in all over the world. I hoped to get about 80 postcards and by last evening I had 73 with a few straglers being delivered to the office. Here are pictures of some of them.In the next few days I will check them all out to see if the return address is on etc. Then early next week I will bring them to the MCC office in Kitchener. From there they will be distributed to volunteers all over the world. They are asked to fill in their name and country on the back. There is even some room for a small note. Then the cards will have to be taken to the local post office, where a stamp has to be put on with a little extra glue. After hand-cancelling the cards, they can be put in the mail. And then we wait and wait .....
I hope to have most cards back by the end of the summer.
I have an idea about how to continue.I do want to make a two-sided quilt, so we can see both sides of the cards.Has anybody ever attempted this? Or has anybody any ideas? I have some ideas myself, but somebody else might have a better idea. If so,please let me know.
It would be nice to have the quilt done for some shows next spring. It would be sold in the spring of 2009.
A few days ago I got good news. I have been selected to teach at Quilt Canada in 2008 in New Foundland. I have never been there, but always wanted to, so....this is great.


  1. I hope to take your class again in St. Johns, I was in your last class in Winnipeg. Victorian Bouquet. Deb

  2. Congratulations on the teaching assignment!

  3. That's great! What will you be teaching, and when is it? I have a couple of quilt friends in Canada who will want to know.

  4. I've seen your work and WOW you do have great ideas!

    Because this quilt will be on display and there will be quite a number of people trying to read the quilt from both sides, what about having the cards sewn together (whip-stitched) around a picture of the world. You could divide the world into two views with one side having all the cards from that hemisphere and the other side would have the other ones.

    Just a thought! Will love to see what you end up doing!

    Good luck in Newfoundland! What a honour for you.