Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Still winter here with lots of snow and very low temperatures. I just came in from my daily walk and the woodstove feels great. But it looks pretty with the sun shining.
Our son left Thursday morning for Calgary and by Sunday evening he had arrived. He only had snow for the first few hours and after that it was clear sailing. Now he has to get used to his new surroundings and his new job.
I did manage to put the binding on the crane quilt. I like to enter it in a few shows, so no pictures yet.

I have been working on the embellishings of my crazy quilt block. It is a slow process, but most of the time it's fun. I do know, that I will stop after this one block, do something else and than try another block later.I'm working in the living room right now. Living in an old farm house has it's problems in cold weather. Finally it got even too cold for me upstairs with all the strong winds, so all the little baggies and boxes with "stuff" were moved downstairs.No used to put on a heater,since I'm up and down all the time.
I just hope that Laurence does not sit on a pin or needle. This has happened in the past.Let's say, it's not appreciated.
Saturday I will be teaching for the Dufferin County Quilters Guild in Orangeville.
This will be day 2 of the "Victorian Bouquet"
It had to be cancelled in December, because I was sick.
Next week is our guild meeting and all the postcards for the MCC project are due.
I hope to get lots. Right now I have 25 and I hope to end up with at least 60 to 70

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