Wednesday, January 24, 2007

At work again

It feels good to be finally back at work again. I did not do anything fabric related for over 1 month. Now, with workshops coming up I have to settle down and get organized. We still have company as you can see. This means lots of walks in the cold. We are finally getting used to each other. One more week and she will have to return to her owners.
On Saturday I have another "Postcard" workshop for my guild. The first one was in December. I missed that one, because I had the flue. I hope to do better with this one. Since the samples for the last one were all Christmas related I had to come up with something new. These 5 cards are my new patterns.
I will teach in the morning and in the afternoon we will talk about the cards we will make for the next Mennonite Relief Sale quilt. The first step for that one is making cards showing something to do with the work of MCC.

On FEBRUARY 3nd And MARCH 10th I will teach a 2-day workshop for the Waterloo County Quilters Guild. The workshop will be at the Community Center in Mannheim, Ontario that is.I will teach this pot with orchids, surrounded by a sashiko border. There are still a few spots open. So..... if you would be interested in joining us, you contact me at


  1. Your guest looks like he is lots of fun. I love your postcards and especially the sashiko.

  2. Will the MCC be selling postcards this year at the Relief Sale? Maybe there's some way I could send some. Hmmm...

    I miss the auction, since I've moved (from Waterloo) to Vermont. I haven't been since 2000. Maybe when my kids are bigger I can take the week and come up (down, actually) for the shows and sale.

  3. These are absolutely beautiful and so is the dog! I wouldn't be able to give her up!