Wednesday, March 29, 2006


What a beautiful day. Finally it is warm enough to be outside without coat or jacket. The daffodils and early tulips are up and any day now we will have the first blooming crocusses. But now that the snow is gone I can see all the damage to the lawn, so next week I will be raking and cleaning up, at least if this weather holds up. It seems that as soon as it gets nice outside I rather be outside than work inside anyway,but less applique will get done. I did manage to make this small wall hanging (24 by 24")of the life cycle of a tulip. I used some of my dyed fabrics and batiks.It is time for warm weather, so I can try to dye some more fabric. I have not much experience with this, so it is always a gamble what the end result will be. All the fabric was fused first.I made up a pattern using pictures I took of my red tulips. Everything, except some embroidery, was done on the machine. Machine quilting seems to get a little easier. Yesterday I received my Quilters Newsletter Magazine and it showed one of my quilts. This time it was the " Springtime in Ontario" It is always neat to see one of your quilts published. Right now that quilt is one of 32 Canadian quilts hanging in the Quilt Museum in Paducah. This show" Canada Uncovered" will be at the museum for the next few months.

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