Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Spring has sprung....or has it?

These tulips were potted up last fall and spend the winter in the 'cool' workshop. Once up I took them in the house and put them in a sunny spot. These are the first tulips to bloom. I took some pictures and hope to make a wallhanging of tulips in different stages. After a few nice days, with most of the snow gone, I found these little snowflakes against the shed.It made me think of spring. But it was too soon. Yesterday winter came back with a vengeance. And wouldn't you know, I had another trunkshow. This one was in Mount Forest, only 35 km from here. At 6 I received a phone call. Conditions were not good around there, but since most of the members were in town, they would have a meeting even if I decided to cancel. My husband looked at me and said: Just ask me if you want me to take you. He took me, all the way down complaining to me that I could have easlily done it myself. But things got worse around town and the trip back was not nice at all. I was glad he came along. Because of the weather the turn-out was low, but we had a good time. Today was our monthly guild meeting.The winds were still howling and there was some drifting snow, but while hubby took a tractor to the Farm Protest in Teviotdale, I set out for Waterloo. And I'm glad I went. Sharon Pederson ( about reversable quilts and machine sashiko. Great program and as usual a very good "show and tell" Right now the wind is still howling outside, but inside I have a little bit of spring right in front of me. Add Image

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