Wednesday, March 08, 2006


This small wallhanging was made for my mother in Holland.I cannot visit with her often, although we talk on the phone weekly. She loves plants and flowers and I hope that these tulips will cheer her up on some of those rainy Dutch days. A few months ago I saw an article in the Quilters Newsletter Magazine that showed how you could make your own postcard. Since I had some extra fused fabric around I decided to make a card ( 4 by 6 inches)and see if it would work. I took a picture of an orchid and made a pattern.The pieces were fused to the bat and machine quilted. I decided to send this card to myself, just to see if it would come back. With Micron pen I wrote the address and signed with my middle name.I glued a stamp, also with an orchid on the back and it was ready for the post office. I had no trouble. The lady in the post office was very interested and hand stamped the card. Three days later it was in our mailbox. So now I like to make a few more and send one to my mother in Holland once in a while. Today I received some good news. Another one of my quilts will be in Quilters Newsletter Magazine. That will be the second one in 2 months.Who would have ever thought, that this might happen!!!


  1. Those lovely tulips would bring anyone cheer. Lovely work!

  2. Congratulations on ALL of it, and especially the second quilt in QNM...I'll be looking for it! Cheers, Sarah